What Is the Horsepower for Honda Elsinore 80?

The Honda Elsinore 80, a renowned motocross motorcycle model first introduced by Honda in 1973, is celebrated for it’s impressive power and performance on various terrains. While the exact horsepower rating may vary depending on the specific model and modifications, the Elsinore 80 typically delivers a substantial amount of power, making it a beloved choice among motocross enthusiasts and riders seeking exhilarating off-road adventures. With it’s combination of Honda's engineering excellence and the spirit of the Elsinore series, this motorcycle continues to captivate riders with it’s formidable horsepower and all-around capabilities.

When Did Honda Stop Making CR85R?

The Honda CR85R, an exceptional racing motorcycle renowned for it’s remarkable performance, saw it’s production come to a halt in 200This model, equipped with a phenomenal two-stroke engine, captured the hearts of passionate riders around the globe for many years. However, Honda decided it was time for a change, paving the way for the introduction of the CRF150R, a dynamic and thrilling four-stroke successor.

The Evolution of Honda’s Off-Road Motorcycle Lineup: Discuss the Different Models That Have Replaced the CR85R Over the Years and How They Have Improved in Terms of Performance and Technology.

Honda has made significant advancements in their off-road motorcycle lineup, specifically in the models succeeding the CR85R. These newer models have shown noticeable improvements in terms of performance and technology.

The CR85R was a popular choice for riders seeking a powerful and maneuverable off-road experience. However, Honda recognized the need for continuous improvement and introduced several successors to enhance the riding experience.

The first model to replace the CR85R was the CRF150R. This bike features a larger engine displacement, providing improved power and torque compared to it’s predecessor. Additionally, Honda incorporated advanced technologies, such as fuel injection, to optimize fuel efficiency and overall performance. The CRF150R also received upgrades to it’s suspension system, allowing for better handling and stability on various terrains.

Continuing the evolution, Honda introduced the CRF250R as the next step forward. This model boasts a more substantial engine and enhanced power delivery, resulting in better acceleration and top speed. To keep up with technology advancements, Honda equipped the CRF250R with features like electric start and programmable fuel injection. These additions not only improve convenience but also optimize the bike’s performance during race conditions.

Most recently, Honda launched the CRF450R, the top-tier offering in their off-road lineup. This model incorporates numerous upgrades to enhance performance, agility, and reliability. The larger engine displacement and improved power output allow riders to tackle even the most challenging terrains with ease. Additionally, Honda integrated cutting-edge technologies like launch control and advanced engine management systems, bringing optimal control and enhanced riding experience.

The evolution of Honda’s off-road motorcycle lineup has resulted in models that deliver improved performance and advanced technologies. From the CR85R to the CRF150R, CRF250R, and finally the CRF450R, riders can enjoy better power, agility, and control, making their off-road adventures more thrilling and fulfilling.

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The Honda CR85R, an off-road bike designed for cross-country racing, packs quite a punch in terms of horsepower. With a water-cooled, 85cc, single, 2-stroke engine and a reed valve system, this powerhouse delivers an impressive 25.83 HP (19 kW) at 12000 rpm. It’s final drive is accomplished through a chain mechanism, and it weighs in at 176.4 lbs. Perfect for those seeking a thrilling and high-performance ride off the beaten path.

How Much Horsepower Does a CR85R Have?

The CR85R is a powerful offroad bike known for it’s impressive horsepower. Equipped with a water-cooled, 85cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine, this beast is capable of producing a whopping 25.83 horsepower (19 kW) at a staggering 12,000 rpm. This kind of power ensures that riders experience exhilarating and thrilling rides on any terrain.

One notable feature of the CR85R is it’s reed valve system, which enhances the engines performance and fuel efficiency. This technology allows for efficient air/fuel mixture intake, resulting in improved combustion and power delivery. With a reed valve, the bike can achieve higher revs and better throttle response, making it ideal for motocross and other offroad racing applications.

In terms of it’s final drive, the CR85R relies on a reliable chain mechanism. This setup efficiently transfers power from the engine to the rear wheel, allowing for quick acceleration and optimal performance across different terrains. Moreover, the inclusion of a chain final drive contributes to the overall lightweight design of the bike, further enhancing agility and maneuverability.

It’s water-cooled, 85cc, single-cylinder, 2-stroke engine, reed valve system, chain final drive, and lightweight construction combine to provide riders with unparalleled power, agility, and performance on numerous offroad adventures.

Top Speed of the CR85R: Discuss the Maximum Speed That the CR85R Can Reach and How It Compares to Other Offroad Bikes in It’s Class.

The top speed of the CR85R, an offroad bike, refers to the maximum speed it can achieve. When compared to other bikes in it’s class, the CR85R performs favorably in terms of speed.

The CR 85, a legendary Honda motorcycle, can reach an impressive top speed of approximately 65 mph. This performance-driven bike has captivated riders with it’s exhilarating speed and power. However, it’s important to note that riding at high speeds should always be done responsibly, following local traffic laws and ensuring personal safety.

How Fast Does a 85 Honda Go?

The 85 Honda, specifically the CR 85, is a renowned motocross bike known for it’s exceptional performance and speed. When it comes to speed, the CR 85 is no slouch, capable of reaching impressive top speeds. On average, this powerful dirt bike can go up to a maximum speed of around 65 mph. Such velocity allows riders to tackle challenging terrains and race down tracks with adrenaline-pumping intensity.

Furthermore, the CR 85s engine plays a pivotal role in it’s remarkable performance. With a powerful two-stroke engine, the bike delivers swift acceleration and excellent power-to-weight ratio. This enables riders to achieve impressive speeds while maintaining control and maneuverability. The bikes smooth power delivery and responsive throttle contribute to it’s ability to attain it’s top speed of 65 mph.

These factors can influence the bikes overall performance and impact it’s capability to reach it’s maximum speed. It’s always crucial to prioritize safety and ride responsibly, adhering to speed limits and taking appropriate precautions while enjoying the exhilarating experience of riding the CR 85.

Comparison to Other Motocross Bikes: How Does the CR 85’s Top Speed Compare to Other Popular Motocross Bikes in It’s Class?

  • The CR 85’s top speed can vary depending on factors such as rider weight, terrain, and modifications.
  • Compared to the Yamaha YZ 85, the CR 85 has a slightly higher top speed.
  • When compared to the Kawasaki KX 85, the CR 85’s top speed is comparable.
  • However, the KTM SX 85 has a slightly higher top speed than the CR 85.
  • Overall, the CR 85 stacks up well against other popular motocross bikes in terms of top speed in it’s class.


While the exact horsepower rating may vary depending on specific models and modifications, it’s remarkable engine ensures an exhilarating riding experience.

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