The Horsepower on a Harley Electra-Glide: Explained

With a maximum peak output power of 90.00 horsepower (65.7 kilowatts) at 5450 RPM and a maximum torque of 150.00 Newton meters (15.3 kilograms of force-meter or 110.6 foot-pounds) at 3250 RPM, this bike packs a punch. Manufactured since 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by the renowned Harley-Davidson company, the Electra Glide embodies the legacy and heritage of the brand's iconic engines.

What Size Motor Does a 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Have in It?

The 2009 Harley Davidson Electra Glide is a classic cruiser that packs a powerful punch under it’s sleek exterior. Powering this iconic motorcycle is an air-cooled, 1584cc Twin Cam 96 V-twin engine. This engine is renowned for it’s smooth performance and ample torque, making it an ideal choice for long rides on the open road.

Thanks to it’s six-speed manual transmission with Cruise Drive technology, the Electra Glide offers effortless shifting and enhanced fuel efficiency. This innovative transmission system ensures that the engine is always operating at it’s optimal RPM range, providing an optimal balance between power and fuel economy.

With the Twin Cam 96 engine, the 2009 Electra Glide is capable of producing an impressive 125 Nm of torque. This torque is delivered at 3500 rpm, allowing for quick acceleration and effortless cruising at highway speeds. Whether youre navigating through city traffic or cruising down a scenic highway, the Electra Glides engine ensures a thrilling and responsive ride.

The size and power of the 1584cc engine in the 2009 Electra Glide make it perfect for riders who crave a mix of power, performance, and reliability.

Customization Options and Aftermarket Upgrades for the 2009 Electra Glide

  • Performance exhaust systems
  • High-flow air filters
  • Tuning and remapping of the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU)
  • Custom seats and upholstery
  • Upgraded suspension components
  • LED lighting conversions
  • Aftermarket audio systems
  • Custom fairings and windshields
  • Saddlebag and tour pack organizers
  • Upgraded brakes and rotors
  • Engine upgrades, such as camshafts and pistons
  • Custom paint jobs and graphics
  • Handlebar modifications and accessories
  • Performance tires and wheels
  • Fuel management systems
  • Custom accessories, such as mirrors, foot pegs, and grips

The mileage per gallon (mpg) of the 2009 Harley Davidson FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic, based on data from 22 vehicles and extensive driving experience, averages at 37.46 mpg. This figure carries a small margin of error, at 0.36 mpg, indicating a relatively consistent fuel efficiency for this model.

What Is the MPG on a 09 Electra Glide?

The 2009 Harley Davidson FLHTCU Electra Glide Ultra Classic has been a highly sought-after motorcycle for enthusiasts and riders alike. One of the key factors that most individuals consider when purchasing a motorcycle is it’s fuel efficiency or miles per gallon (MPG). With data gathered from 22 vehicles, 1,270 fuel-ups, and a total mileage of 182,373 miles, it’s been determined that the 2009 Electra Glide offers an impressive combined average MPG of 37.46.

This figure exceeds the expectations of many riders, illustrating the motorcycles ability to provide a good balance between power and fuel economy. Moreover, the margin of error for this statistic is reported to be a mere 0.36 MPG, effectively indicating a reliable and consistent fuel efficiency rating. These numbers assure potential buyers that they can navigate long journeys without sacrificing their budget on frequent fuel stops.

Additionally, the bikes aerodynamic design further enhances it’s fuel efficiency by reducing drag and resistance, allowing riders to travel longer distances on a single tank of fuel. This is particularly beneficial for those planning cross-country adventures or extended road trips, as it offers both convenience and economic advantage.

It’s advanced engineering, combined with Harley Davidsons commitment to quality, ensures that riders can confidently travel significant distances without worrying about excessive fuel consumption. With this motorcycle, both performance and fuel efficiency are seamlessly integrated, offering riders an exceptional experience on the road.

When it comes to power output, the Harley-Davidson FXDR 114 certainly packs a punch. With a stock configuration, this impressive motorcycle boasts a substantial 100.00 HP (73.0 kW) at 5000 RPM. It’s robust engine ensures exhilarating performance, making it a popular choice among biking enthusiasts looking for a thrilling ride.

How Much Horsepower Does a Stock 114 Harley Have?

The stock 114 Harley-Davidson FXDR is equipped with a powerful engine that delivers an impressive amount of horsepower. With a displacement of 1,868 cc, this motorcycle is built to provide a thrilling riding experience. Specifically, the FXDR 114 boasts an output of 100.00 HP (73.0 kW) at 5000 RPM. This substantial amount of horsepower contributes to the bikes impressive performance capabilities and it’s ability to accelerate swiftly on the open road.

Thanks to the 114 Milwaukee-Eight engines robust power output, riders can expect effortless acceleration and smooth cruising at highway speeds. The ample horsepower provides the necessary torque to conquer inclines and overtake vehicles with ease.

With it’s 100.00 HP (73.0 kW) @ 5000 RPM, this motorcycle provides both power and performance, making it a force to be reckoned with on the open road.

How the Horsepower of the 114 Harley Compares to Other Harley-Davidson Models

The horsepower of the 114 Harley is comparable to other Harley-Davidson models in terms of performance. It provides similar power and performance as other Harley motorcycles, making it a reliable choice for riders.

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The performance of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S is undoubtedly impressive. Powered by a 1,252 cc Revolution Max engine, this bike boasts a top speed of 143 MPH. Compared to it’s predecessor, the Sportster XR1200, the Sportster S is more performance-oriented, with a zero-to-60 time of 4.0 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 12.4 seconds. These improvements make for an exhilarating ride that motorcycle enthusiasts are sure to appreciate.

How Fast Is the Harley Davidson Sportster S 0 to 60?

The Harley-Davidson Sportster S is a beast on the road, with an impressive 0 to 60 time that will leave any rider exhilarated. Powered by the new 1,252 cc Revolution Max engine, this bike offers an unparalleled level of performance. The acceleration is nothing short of phenomenal, taking you from a standstill to 60 mph in a matter of seconds. It’s a rush that cant be matched.

But speed isnt the only thing this bike has going for it. The Sportster S is designed to handle the open road with ease, providing a smooth and controlled ride. It’s responsive handling and powerful brakes ensure that you always feel in control, no matter how fast youre going. This is a bike that was built for the thrill-seekers and speed demons among us.

Compared to it’s predecessor, the Sportster XR1200, the Sportster S offers even more performance and power. The zero-to-60 time of 4.0 seconds and quarter-mile time of 12.4 seconds are a testament to the capabilities of this machine. It’s faster, more agile, and engineered to push boundaries.

Top Speed: In Addition to It’s Impressive 0 to 60 Time, Readers May Be Interested in Learning About the Top Speed of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S. Knowing the Bike’s Maximum Speed Can Give Riders a Better Idea of It’s Overall Performance Capabilities.

The top speed of the Harley-Davidson Sportster S is an important factor to consider when evaluating it’s performance capabilities. It provides riders with meaningful information about the bike’s overall speed potential.

The top speed of the Harley Electra Glide, manufactured by Harley-Davidson, is 160 kmph. To learn more about this iconic motorcycle model, please visit the official website of Harley-Davidson.

How Fast Is a Harley Electra Glide?

The Harley-Davidson Electra Glide is known for it’s impressive speed and power. With it’s powerful engine and advanced technology, this motorcycle can reach top speeds of up to 160 kmph. This speed is possible due to the high-quality craftsmanship and engineering that goes into each Harley-Davidson engine.

The Harley-Davidson company has been manufacturing engines since 1903, and their engines have become synonymous with power and performance. Each engine is meticulously crafted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ensuring that only the highest standards are met. The Electra Glide is equipped with one of these exceptional engines, which allows it to reach it’s impressive top speed.

The sleek and streamlined body of the motorcycle allows it to cut through the air with ease, reducing drag and maximizing speed. This attention to detail in design is what sets Harley-Davidson motorcycles apart from the competition.

The combination of the engines power, the motorcycles design, and the riders skill come together to create a thrilling ride. Whether cruising down the highway or tackling tight corners, the Electra Glide provides a dynamic and exciting riding experience.

With it’s high-quality engine, aerodynamic design, and attention to detail, it can reach top speeds of 160 kmph. Whether youre a speed enthusiast or simply enjoy the thrill of riding, the Electra Glide is an excellent choice for those looking for speed and power on two wheels.

Common Modifications and Enhancements to Increase the Speed of a Harley Electra Glide

  • Installation of a high-performance air intake
  • Upgrading to a performance exhaust system
  • Installing a fuel tuner or remapping the ECU
  • Upgrading to a high-flow air cleaner
  • Installing a larger throttle body
  • Upgrading to a high-performance camshaft
  • Installing a high-energy ignition system
  • Upgrading to a high-capacity oil cooler
  • Installing a performance suspension system
  • Upgrading to lightweight wheels
  • Installing a high-performance braking system
  • Upgrading to a high-impact fairing
  • Installing a wind deflector or windshield
  • Upgrading to a high-performance clutch system
  • Installing a lightweight battery
  • Upgrading to a high-performance transmission

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120 mph. With a maximum top speed of 120 mph, riders can enjoy the freedom and excitement that comes with this iconic motorcycle.

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