How Much Horsepower Does the Textron 500 Have?

Textron is a renowned company that’s been delivering impressive power and performance for decades. When it comes to their exceptional lineup of 500 horsepower engines, Textron has managed to redefine what it means to harness raw energy. With meticulous engineering and uncompromising attention to detail, Textron has created a powerhouse that effortlessly combines immense strength with unrivaled precision. Offering exhilarating speed and unwavering thrust, Textron's 500 horsepower engines are a testament to their commitment to excellence. Whether it's on the water, in the air, or on the ground, Textron's unbeatable strength symbolizes an unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and achieving new heights.

Are Textron Engines Good?

Textron Motors has established itself as a prominent player in the engine industry with it’s exceptional product lineup. Renowned for their high-quality design and impressive performance, Textron engines have gained a reputation for being reliable and powerful.

This commitment to quality has garnered praise from customers worldwide, earning the trust and loyalty of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Textron engines are known for their efficiency, which translates into superior fuel economy. The companys dedication to developing engines that provide optimal power output while conserving fuel has resulted in cost-effective solutions for consumers and businesses alike.

This is particularly important in applications such as recreational vehicles, where noise and vibrations can greatly impact overall satisfaction. Textron Motors commitment to refining their engines balance and reducing noise levels sets them apart in the industry.

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company that specializes in developing and manufacturing a range of vehicles for various applications. With their UTVs, Textron provides customers with reliable and versatile options that are designed to tackle both rugged terrains and everyday tasks. Whether it’s exploring off-road trails or completing job site tasks, Textron’s UTVs offer powerful performance and durability to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. Explore the Textron Off Road product line to find the perfect UTV that suits your needs.

What UTVS Does Textron Make?


One of the popular UTVs produced by Textron Off Road is the Prowler™. The Prowler™ series offers a range of models designed to tackle different terrains and tasks. These UTVs are built for both work and play, with features like a large cargo bed, powerful engines, and comfortable seating. Whether you need to haul supplies on a job site or explore off-road trails, the Prowler™ is a reliable choice.

Another UTV in Textrons lineup is the Stampede™. This series is known for it’s powerful performance, rugged design, and versatile capabilities. With multiple seating options, ample storage space, and advanced suspension systems, the Stampede™ can handle various terrains and carry a significant load. This UTV is a great choice for those who need a reliable work vehicle or enjoy recreational adventures.

For adrenaline junkies, Textron offers the Havoc™ line of UTVs. These high-performance off-road vehicles are designed to push the limits of speed and power. With features like a turbocharged engine, aggressive suspension, and sport-inspired styling, the Havoc™ UTVs deliver an exhilarating experience. Whether youre racing across the dunes or conquering rugged trails, the Havoc™ is engineered to provide maximum thrills.

Textron Off Road also manufactures the Wildcat™ line of UTVs. These off-road machines are built for the most extreme terrains, with features like large tires, long-travel suspension, and advanced traction control systems. The Wildcat™ series is known for it’s durability, performance, and ability to conquer any off-road challenge. Whether youre rock crawling or blasting through desert dunes, the Wildcat™ UTVs are designed to handle it all.

Completing Textron Off Roads lineup is the Alterra™ ATV series. These all-terrain vehicles are designed for those who prefer the traditional ATV experience. With powerful engines, rugged frames, and advanced suspension systems, the Alterra™ ATVs can handle rough trails, mud, and steep climbs. These ATVs are a great choice for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and those who need a versatile vehicle for work or recreational purposes.

“Textron’s UTV Accessories and Customization Options”

  • UTV Windshields
  • UTV Roofs
  • UTV Mirrors
  • UTV Doors
  • UTV Light Bars
  • UTV Winches
  • UTV Lift Kits
  • UTV Stereo Systems
  • UTV Cargo Racks
  • UTV Gun Racks
  • UTV Skid Plates
  • UTV Bumpers

Textron Inc. is an American industrial conglomerate with various subsidiaries in different industries. One of it’s notable subsidiaries is Bell Textron, an aerospace manufacturer that specializes in military and commercial helicopters. Textron also owns Arctic Cat, Textron Aviation (which includes popular brands like Beechcraft and Cessna), and Lycoming Engines. Originally founded in 1923 as the Special Yarns Company, Textron has grown and diversified over the years to become a prominent player in the manufacturing sector.

Who Makes Textron?

Textron Inc. is a prominent American industrial conglomerate with it’s headquarters located in Providence, Rhode Island. Established in 1923 by Royal Little, it initially started as the Special Yarns Company before evolving into the Textron we know today. With a diverse range of subsidiaries under it’s umbrella, Textron has established a strong presence in various sectors.

One of Textrons key subsidiaries is Arctic Cat, a renowned manufacturer of recreational vehicles, specifically snowmobiles, ATVs, and side-by-side vehicles. This brand caters to outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure and thrills in snowy terrains and off-road environments.

Bell Textron, another subsidiary, is a distinguished aerospace manufacturer recognized for producing military rotorcraft like helicopters. Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, Bells facilities also encompass Amarillo, Texas, and Mirabel, Quebec, Canada.

Textron Aviation, another prominent subsidiary, speaks to the conglomerates presence in the aviation industry. This arm includes renowned brands such as Beechcraft and Cessna, both renowned for their range of aircraft offerings. These brands have a rich history and offer a wide range of options for aviation enthusiasts.

Lycoming Engines, yet another subsidiary of Textron, specializes in developing and manufacturing aircraft engines. These engines are known for their reliability and performance, making them a trusted choice for many aircraft manufacturers.

Their commitment to quality and innovation has solidified their position as a prominent American conglomerate.

Other Subsidiaries and Brands Under Textron’s Umbrella

Textron, a multinational conglomerate, owns various subsidiaries and brands that operate within different industries. These subsidiaries and brands offer a wide range of products and services, including aerospace and defense solutions, industrial equipment, automotive components, and financial services. Textron’s diverse portfolio allows it to cater to various customer needs and maintain a strong presence in different sectors. Some well-known subsidiaries and brands under Textron’s umbrella include Bell Textron, Cessna Aircraft Company, Textron Systems, Greenlee, and E-Z-GO. Through these entities, Textron continues to deliver innovative and reliable solutions across multiple industries.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. is a company that markets various brands of ATVs, including E-Z-GO, Cushman, Arctic Cat, Textron Off Road, Jacobsen, Dixie Chopper, Ransomes, TUG, Douglas, Premier, and Safeaero.

What Brands Are Textron ATVs?

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. is a renowned manufacturer and marketer of various brands in the ATV market. One of their well-known brands is Arctic Cat, which has a rich history dating back to 1962 when it was founded by Edgar Hetteen. Over the years, Arctic Cat has become a leading manufacturer of snowmobiles, side-by-sides, and ATVs. Their commitment to trail riding, racing, and fostering connections among friends and families has made them a trusted name in the industry.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. also offers products under the E-Z-GO brand. E-Z-GO is recognized for it’s reliable and efficient golf carts, as well as it’s innovative utility vehicles. These vehicles are designed to meet the needs of both recreational and commercial users, with a focus on performance, durability, and comfort.

Another brand under the Textron Specialized Vehicles umbrella is Textron Off Road. Textron Off Road builds a wide range of off-road vehicles, including ATVs and side-by-sides. Their vehicles are known for their ruggedness, versatility, and advanced technologies, making them suitable for various terrains and applications.

Jacobsen is yet another esteemed brand under the Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. lineup. Jacobsen manufactures high-quality turf and grounds maintenance equipment, catering to the needs of both professional landscapers and golf courses. They offer a comprehensive range of products, including mowers, aerators, and utility vehicles, all designed to deliver optimal performance and precision.

In addition to these brands, Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. also offers products under Dixie Chopper, Ransomes, TUG, Douglas, Premier, and Safeaero.

With a focus on performance, durability, and innovation, their ATVs cater to different needs, whether it be for recreation, commercial uses, or specific industries such as landscaping and golf course maintenance.

The History and Evolution of Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc.

Textron Specialized Vehicles Inc. traces it’s roots back to the early 20th century when it was founded as the E-Z-GO company in 1954. Initially, the company primarily focused on manufacturing golf carts. Over the years, through acquisitions and mergers, Textron Specialized Vehicles has expanded it’s presence and product offerings. In 1987, it acquired Jacobson Manufacturing and entered the turf care equipment market. In 1998, the company acquired Cushman, famous for it’s utility vehicles, which further diversified it’s portfolio. Textron Specialized Vehicles has continued to innovate and expand it’s range of products, serving a wide range of industries including golf, turf care, commercial transportation, and personal recreation. Today, it remains a prominent player in the specialized vehicles market, constantly adapting to meet the evolving needs of it’s customers.

Who makes Textron Stampede engine? Well, the manufacturing for the Textron engine that powers Stampede models is undergoing a transition. The engine production will soon move from Berlin, Germany to Arctic Cat’s facility in St. Cloud, Minn. This transition is good news for Arctic Cat employees as they’ll be directly involved in the manufacturing process.

Who Makes Textron Stampede Engine?

The manufacturing of the Textron Stampede engine is currently done in Berlin, Germany. However, plans are underway to transition this manufacturing process to Arctic Cats engine facility in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Arctic Cat, an American brand of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, has been in operation since 1960 and is now a subsidiary of Textron Inc.

This relocation of engine production is a significant move that will benefit Arctic Cat employees. By bringing the manufacturing process closer to their headquarters in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, they can streamline operations and enhance efficiency. Furthermore, this transition showcases Textrons commitment to investing in domestic manufacturing and supporting the American workforce.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art machinery and a highly skilled workforce, ensuring the continued delivery of high-quality engines for the Stampede models.

Additionally, this manufacturing shift demonstrates a strategic decision by Textron to consolidate their resources and expertise. By utilizing Arctic Cats existing engine facility, Textron can maximize efficiency and optimize the integration of their operations. This consolidation aligns with Textrons long-term goals of driving innovation and growth within the powersports industry.

Source: Textron Shifts Production to TRF & St. Cloud, Closes Mpls HQ


The company's commitment to developing high-performance solutions is apparent in their innovative technologies and reliable machinery. Textron's products consistently deliver robust power and efficiency, empowering various industries to achieve enhanced productivity and performance. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and relentless pursuit of technological advancements make Textron a trusted partner in the pursuit of maximum power and productivity.

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