How Much Horsepower Does an Air Tractor Have?

The power and performance of an Air Tractor are deeply rooted in it’s robust and reliable engine, the Pratt & Whitney PT6A-140AG turboprop. This extraordinary machinery brings forth a staggering 867 horsepower, ceaselessly ready for takeoff, day in and day out. This mighty piece of engineering prowess effortlessly propels the Air Tractor through the skies, instilling confidence and awe in those fortunate enough to witness it’s might. With such an impressive power output, the Air Tractor transcends boundaries, enabling it to conquer the most demanding of tasks with unparalleled agility and efficiency.

Who Makes Air Tractor 802?

Air Tractor Inc., a reputable aircraft manufacturer based in Olney, Texas, is responsible for the production of the Air Tractor 80With a rich history dating back to it’s establishment in 1978, this American company has been at the forefront of agricultural aviation. The Air Tractor 802 is a remarkable aircraft that originated from the S-2B aircraft, and it’s become a popular choice for various aerial application needs.

The Air Tractor 802, also known as the AT-300 Air Tractor, made it’s maiden flight in 197This versatile aircraft was specifically designed to excel in agricultural operations, offering outstanding performance, reliability, and durability. It’s proven to be a vital tool for tasks such as crop dusting, fire control, and topdressing, among others.

Features and Specifications of the Air Tractor 802: Providing Detailed Information About the Design, Capabilities, and Technical Specifications of the Air Tractor 802 Would Be Valuable to Readers Interested in Aviation and Aircrafts.

The Air Tractor 802 is an aircraft that’s various features and specifications which aviation enthusiasts may find interesting. These include details about it’s design, capabilities, and technical specifications. Providing this information would be beneficial for readers who’ve an interest in aircraft and aviation.

Additionally, the fuel system of the Air Tractor aircraft is equipped with fuel filters and a fuel pressure control system to ensure the smooth operation of the turbine engine. The use of JET A1 fuel provides a reliable and efficient source of power for these versatile agricultural and firefighting planes.

What Kind of Fuel Does the Air Tractor Use?

They’re constructed of aluminum and have a capacity of up to 400 gallons, depending on the model. The fuel tanks are designed to ensure the safe storage and transport of the JET A1 fuel during flight.

The Air Tractor aircraft is known for it’s versatility and durability in various agricultural and firefighting operations. The use of JET A1 fuel is crucial for it’s performance and effectiveness.

It’s a low freezing point, which makes it ideal for use in high-altitude and cold weather conditions. The fuel also has a high flash point, reducing the risk of combustion during storage and transport. It’s composition and quality ensure optimal engine performance and efficiency, enabling the Air Tractor to deliver the power and range required for it’s operations.

Source: Air Tractor AT-300

The question of how much horsepower a 502 Air Tractor has been a subject of curiosity among aviation enthusiasts. Well, the answer is quite impressive. With a whopping 867 horsepower available for takeoff, the 502 Air Tractor provides an unparalleled level of power and performance. Whether you’re navigating challenging terrains or undertaking demanding tasks, this aircraft is ready to deliver the power you need, whenever you need it.

How Much Horsepower Does a 502 Air Tractor Have?

When it comes to the impressive Air Tractor 502, one can’t overlook the raw power it brings to the table. With a mighty engine under it’s hood, this robust aircraft boasts an astonishing 867 horsepower specifically designated for takeoff. This extraordinary amount of power ensures that pilots can rely on this aircraft to perform at it’s peak performance consistently throughout the day, every day.

With such a substantial horsepower at their disposal, pilots of the 502 model are granted the ability to maneuver swiftly and efficiently through the skies. Whether they’re engaged in agricultural activities, aerial firefighting, or conducting surveys, this aircrafts formidable engine ensures enhanced productivity and efficiency, allowing professionals to complete their tasks promptly and effectively.

This consistent power supply enables pilots to confidently operate the aircraft without concern for any performance limitations, ultimately enhancing safety and overall flight experience.

The Air Tractor AT-802 is a versatile aircraft that was initially designed for agricultural use, particularly for aerial application of pesticides and fertilizers. It’s commonly referred to as a crop duster or top dresser. However, this aircraft can also be adapted for fire-fighting purposes, known as aerial firefighting, as well as armed versions for other specialized missions. Manufactured by Air Tractor, the AT-802 features a chemical hopper located between the engine firewall and the cockpit.

What Kind of Plane Is an Air Tractor?

This hopper can hold up to 800 gallons of liquid chemicals, allowing the Air Tractor to cover large areas of farmland or forests in a single pass. The aircraft is equipped with a high-performance turbine engine, providing it with the necessary power and speed to efficiently carry out it’s tasks.

The Air Tractor AT-802 has a rugged and durable construction, allowing it to withstand the challenging conditions of agricultural and firefighting operations. It features a large wingspan and a low wing configuration, providing excellent stability and control during flight. Additionally, the aircraft is equipped with advanced avionics and navigation systems, ensuring precise and accurate operation.

In it’s agricultural role, the Air Tractor is a vital tool for farmers and crop dusters. It can effectively disperse pesticides or fertilizers over large areas, helping to protect and enhance crop yields. The aircrafts versatility also allows it to be used for hydroseeding, which is the process of spraying a mixture of seed, mulch, and fertilizer onto bare soil. This helps promote vegetation growth and prevent erosion.

It can be equipped with a firefighting tank, allowing it to drop water or fire retardant onto wildfires. This aerial firefighting capability greatly aids in the containment and suppression of fires, protecting valuable forests and property.

It’s capabilities and adaptability make it a valuable asset in tackling various challenges and ensuring the safety and productivity of our farming and natural environments.


With an impressive 867 horsepower available for takeoff, this aircraft is designed to deliver exceptional performance consistently. Whether it's navigating challenging terrains, carrying heavy loads, or executing precision maneuvers, the Air Tractor's robust engine ensures reliability and efficiency. The combination of advanced engineering and the superior power of the PT6A-140AG engine guarantees that this aircraft can tackle any mission with confidence, providing a reliable and effective solution for aerial operations.

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