How Much Horsepower Does a 1998 Ford Excursion Have?

The 1998 Ford Excursion, a full-size SUV, is renowned for it’s power and performance. Equipped with a sturdy engine that exemplifies Ford's commitment to reliability, this vehicle offers an impressive horsepower that exudes strength on the road. However, to discuss the exact horsepower of the 1998 Ford Excursion, we need to delve into it’s powerful engine options. From V8 to V10 engines, this SUV provided drivers with a range of choices tailored to their individual needs.

What Year Did They Stop Making the Ford Excursion?

Production of the Ford Excursion, the beloved full-size SUV, came to a halt in 200However, it’s impact remains etched in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts. Following it’s discontinuation, Ford wasted no time in introducing an alternative to the Excursion – the long-wheelbase MAX version of the Expedition, which utilized the F-150 chassis. This decision aimed to cater to the needs and demands of Excursion loyalists.

Despite it’s relatively brief existence, the Excursion developed a devoted fan base and garnered a strong following. The mammoth nature of this SUV, equipped with spacious interiors and robust capabilities, appealed to a wide range of customers. It’s imposing presence on the road and the ability to accommodate large families or haul significant loads endeared it to many.

One of the key factors contributing to the Excursions popularity was it’s versatility. With it’s powerful engine options and remarkable towing capacity, it effortlessly conquered challenging terrains and towing tasks. The Excursions reputation as a workhorse was further solidified by it’s ability to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease and agility.

Furthermore, the luxurious amenities and modern features integrated into the Excursion made it a compelling choice for those seeking comfort and convenience. It’s generous seating capacity, ample cargo space, and advanced entertainment systems ensured a comfortable and enjoyable ride for all occupants.

Despite it’s discontinuation, the legacy of the Ford Excursion lives on. The loyal fan base it cultivated and the fond memories it created continue to influence the automotive industry. Even after it’s production ceased, the Excursions presence on the roads remains unmistakable, embodying the spirit of adventure and versatility that continues to inspire enthusiasts to this day.

There have been rumors circulating that Ford may be bringing back the iconic Excursion SUV. The last production of the F-250-based vehicle was in 2005, but now, it seems Ford is planning to revive this beloved model. According to various sources, the new Excursion could make it’s return sometime in 2020, boasting a redesign, new engine, and updated architecture.

Is Ford Going to Remake the Excursion?

According to multiple sources, there are strong indications that Ford is planning to bring back the iconic Excursion. The F-250-based SUV was last produced in 2005, leaving many fans longing for a comeback. And now, it seems that their wishes might be granted, as Ford is rumored to be reviving the Excursion for a 2021 release.

If the reports are true, the new Excursion will undergo a complete redesign. Expect to see new styling and a more modern appearance, while still maintaining it’s imposing and robust presence. The goal is to strike the perfect balance between a rugged and stylish design, appealing to both loyal fans and a new generation of SUV enthusiasts.

In addition to the exterior changes, the 2021 Excursion is also expected to come with a brand new engine. While the specifics haven’t been confirmed yet, it’s speculated that Ford will equip the SUV with a powerful and fuel-efficient engine, providing the necessary strength and performance on and off the road. This won’t only enhance the driving experience but also make the Excursion more competitive in the SUV market.

However, the Excursion faced challenges that ultimately led to it’s discontinuation. Rising gas prices and concerns over it’s reputation for excess forced Ford to reevaluate it’s position in the market. Despite this setback, Ford remains committed to delivering reliable vehicles that showcase uncompromising design and engineering.

Why Did Ford Stop Selling the Excursion?

The Ford Excursion, a mammoth SUV that was first introduced in 1999, found itself at the center of controversy shortly after it’s launch. While it was initially intended to rival Chevrolets popular Suburban and Tahoe models, the Excursion faced a series of challenges that ultimately led to it’s demise. One of the main factors was the rising cost of gasoline, which made the Excursions fuel efficiency less appealing to consumers.

Additionally, the Excursion quickly gained a reputation for excess due to it’s sheer size. With a length of over 19 feet and a weight of around 7,000 pounds, the Excursion was deemed impractical for many potential buyers. It’s large dimensions made it difficult to park and maneuver in urban environments, leading to complaints about it’s size and cumbersome nature.

Furthermore, Fords decision to discontinue the Excursion can also be attributed to changing consumer preferences. As the market shifted towards more environmentally conscious vehicles, the Excursions gas-guzzling reputation became a significant liability. Consumers were increasingly looking for more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly options, making it less enticing for them to purchase such a massive SUV.

Another aspect that contributed to the discontinuation of the Excursion was Fords commitment to uncompromising design and engineering. As the company continued to innovate and adapt to shifting market demands, it became clear that the Excursion was no longer aligned with Fords overall vision. The company had to prioritize resources and invest in models that were more in line with evolving consumer needs and preferences.

The longevity of a 98 Ford Expedition largely depends on various factors, such as engine type and proper maintenance. With diligent care, the engine can typically provide reliable performance spanning anywhere between 150,000 and 300,000 miles.

How Many Miles Can a 98 Ford Expedition Last?

Factors that can affect the longevity of a 98 Ford Expedition include regular maintenance, driving habits, and the specific engine model. With proper care, it isn’t uncommon for these vehicles to surpass the 150,000-mile mark and continue running smoothly. Some Ford Expeditions have been known to reach an impressive 300,000 miles or more.

Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the life of any vehicle, and the Expedition is no exception. Oil changes, fluid checks, and tune-ups should be performed according to the manufacturers recommendations. Additionally, regular inspections of the belts, hoses, and brakes can help identify potential issues before they become major problems.

Driving habits also play a significant role in the longevity of a Ford Expedition. Aggressive driving, such as rapid acceleration and hard braking, can put additional stress on the engine and other components. It’s advisable to drive smoothly and avoid excessive strain on the vehicle.

The most common engines found in these vehicles are the 4.6L V8 and the 5.4L VBoth have proven to be reliable when properly maintained. However, the 5.4L V8 tends to be more durable and capable of higher mileage due to it’s larger size and stronger construction.

Taking care of the Ford Expeditions engine by following maintenance guidelines and driving responsibly can greatly increase it’s longevity. With regular maintenance and care, it isn’t unreasonable to expect these vehicles to travel well over 150,000 miles. Some diligent owners have reported their Expeditions reaching the 300,000-mile mark and beyond, testifying to the vehicles inherent durability and longevity potential.

Tips for Maintaining a 98 Ford Expedition

Maintaining a 98 Ford Expedition can be challenging, but with some helpful tips, you can keep it in good shape. Firstly, ensure regular oil changes and check the fluid levels consistently to guarantee smooth performance. Additionally, inspect the brakes, tires, and suspension systems periodically for any signs of wear and tear. Performing routine checks on the battery, lights, and fuses will help prevent unexpected issues. Finally, remember to clean both the interior and exterior regularly, protecting the car from dirt and rust. These maintenance practices are essential to keep your 98 Ford Expedition running smoothly for a long time.


While the exact horsepower figure may vary depending on the engine option chosen, this full-size SUV is renowned for it’s power and performance. Whether it’s used for towing heavy loads or conquering challenging terrains, this vehicle exemplifies Ford's commitment to manufacturing reliable and powerful automobiles.

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