How Many Horsepower in the 1994 Suzuki Intruder 1400?

-lbs) @ 3500 RPM. With it’s powerful engine, the 1994 Suzuki Intruder 1400 delivers an exhilarating riding experience and impressive performance on the road. Whether you're cruising on the highway or navigating through city streets, this motorcycle offers the perfect balance of power and agility. The V2, four-stroke motor not only provides a thrilling acceleration but also ensures a smooth and seamless ride. With a maximum peak output power of 71.00 HP (51.8 kW) and a maximum torque of 112.78 Nm (11.5 kgf-m or 83.2 ft-lbs), this Suzuki Intruder 1400 is capable of delivering an exhilarating ride that will leave you wanting more. The bike's dry weight of 243.0 kg (535.7 pounds) adds to it’s stability and control, allowing you to confidently tackle any road or terrain.

How Fast Is a Suzuki Intruder?

The speed and performance of the Suzuki Intruder motorcycle have always been highly regarded among bike enthusiasts. With it’s sleek and stylish design, this bike commands attention on the road. But just how fast can it go?

The 150cc engine of the Suzuki Intruder is designed to deliver optimal performance and acceleration. It’s robust powertrain provides the necessary strength to attain high speeds quickly and effortlessly. The bikes aerodynamic design helps reduce drag and improve the overall efficiency, allowing it to reach top speeds efficiently.

It’s advanced suspension system and high-performance brakes provide excellent control, giving riders confidence and peace of mind while traveling at higher speeds. With a reliable and well-engineered machine like the Intruder 150, riders can push their speed limits and experience the thrill of the open road.

Comparison With Other Motorcycles in It’s Class

When comparing with other motorcycles in it’s class, this particular model offers distinct features and advantages. It’s design and performance stand out among it’s competitors, providing a unique riding experience. Through a variety of innovative technologies and enhancements, this motorcycle offers exceptional speed, handling, and comfort. Additionally, it’s fuel efficiency and durability surpass those of similar bikes in it’s class. The attention to detail in it’s construction, combined with it’s advanced safety features, further differentiates it from other models. Overall, when compared to it’s class counterparts, this motorcycle showcases superior quality and capabilities.

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The Suzuki VS 800GL Intruder boasts an impressive amount of power with it’s 800cc engine. It can generate up to 55 horsepower at 7000 rpm, making it a formidable machine on the road. It’s torque capacity is also noteworthy, producing 64 Nm / 6.5 kgf-m / 47.2 lb-ft at 5000 rpm. This level of performance ensures a thrilling and exhilarating riding experience.

How Much Horsepower Does a 800 Intruder Have?

The Suzuki VS 800GL Intruder is a cruiser-style motorcycle that boasts a respectable amount of horsepower. With a max power output of 41 kW or 55 hp, this bike offers a great balance between performance and fuel efficiency. The engine is equipped with digital transistorized ignition, ensuring reliable and efficient spark timing for optimal power delivery.

When it comes to torque, the VS 800GL Intruder doesn’t disappoint. It generates a maximum torque of 64 Nm or 6.5 kgf-m, which translates to 47.2 lb-ft. This torque is available at a relatively low rpm of 5000, providing good low-end power and responsiveness.

With it’s 55 hp engine, it’s able to provide a decent amount of power for highway cruising and overtaking maneuvers. The torque output further adds to it’s practicality, allowing riders to easily navigate through lower speed corners or city traffic.

Whether youre a beginner or an experienced rider, the bikes power delivery is predictable and manageable. It also comes with an electric starter, making it convenient and easy to get on the road.

With it’s 64 Nm of torque, it offers responsive acceleration and maneuverability. Whether youre cruising on the highway or navigating through city streets, this motorcycle delivers a satisfying performance.

According to data collected from 2 vehicles, the 2004 Suzuki VS800 Intruder has an average fuel efficiency of 46.87 miles per gallon, with a margin of error of 0.76 MPG. This data is based on 45 fuel-ups and a total mileage of 4,737 miles driven. Outliers, which accounted for 18.18% of the data, have been removed for accuracy.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does a 2004 Suzuki Intruder 800 Get?

The 2004 Suzuki Intruder 800 is a popular motorcycle known for it’s stylish design and reliable performance. Many riders are eager to know how many miles per gallon this bike can achieve. To answer this question, lets take a look at the available data.

Based on data collected from 2 vehicles, 45 fuel-ups, and a total driving distance of 4,737 miles, we can determine that the 2004 Suzuki VS800 Intruder has an average combined MPG of 46.8This means that the motorcycle can travel approximately 46.87 miles on a gallon of fuel. However, it’s important to note that this figure has a margin of error of 0.76 MPG.

To provide a clearer picture, lets remove 10 outliers, representing 18.18% of the fuel-ups. After doing so, we can see a distribution of the remaining fuel-ups, which will give us a better understanding of the motorcycles MPG performance.

Factors such as riding style, road conditions, and maintenance can also impact the motorcycles fuel economy. Riders who adopt a more fuel-efficient riding style, avoid aggressive acceleration and braking, and keep their bike well-maintained may achieve slightly better mileage than the average.

This data is based on 45 fuel-ups and 4,737 miles of driving. With it’s respectable fuel efficiency, the Intruder 800 is a reliable choice for riders seeking a balance between style, performance, and fuel economy.

Tips for Improving Fuel Efficiency on the Suzuki Intruder 800

  • Keep your tires properly inflated
  • Avoid excessive idling
  • Use high-quality fuel
  • Maintain a consistent speed
  • Reduce weight and drag
  • Avoid aggressive acceleration
  • Keep up with regular maintenance
  • Use the recommended oil and filters
  • Avoid unnecessary accessories
  • Plan your routes efficiently

The Suzuki Volusia 800, a popular cruiser motorcycle, packs a powerful punch with it’s 805cc v-twin engine and 5-speed transmission. Delivering a respectable 52 horsepower and 51 foot-pounds of torque, this bike strikes a perfect balance between performance and comfort.

How Much Horsepower Does a Suzuki Volusia 800 Have?

The Suzuki Volusia 800 is an impressive cruiser motorcycle that packs a punch when it comes to power and performance. Equipped with a robust 805cc v-twin engine, this bike delivers an exhilarating riding experience. The 5-speed transmission ensures smooth gear shifts, allowing riders to easily tackle any road conditions.

Furthermore, the bikes design and engineering ensure a comfortable and stable ride. It’s well-balanced chassis, combined with a low center of gravity, allows for easy maneuverability and control.

The Different Modifications and Upgrades That Can Be Done to Increase the Horsepower of the Suzuki Volusia 800.

  • Installing a high-performance aftermarket exhaust system
  • Upgrading the air intake system with a high-flow air filter
  • Installing a fuel management system to optimize fuel delivery
  • Upgrading the ignition system with performance spark plugs and wires
  • Investing in a performance tuner or remapping the engine’s ECU
  • Installing a high-performance carburetor or fuel injection system
  • Upgrading the engine’s internal components such as the pistons, valves, and camshafts
  • Investing in a turbocharger or supercharger kit to increase forced induction
  • Adding a nitrous oxide kit for a temporary boost in horsepower
  • Tuning the bike’s suspension to improve handling and performance
  • Upgrading the braking system with high-performance brake pads and rotors
  • Investing in lightweight performance wheels to reduce rotational mass
  • Replacing the stock tires with high-performance, grippy tires
  • Installing a performance clutch and upgrading the transmission
  • Investing in lightweight performance accessories such as a carbon fiber body kit

Source: 2003 suzuki vl800 intruder 800 volusia


It’s V2, four-stroke engine delivers an impressive maximum peak output power of 71.00 HP (51.8 kW) at 4800 RPM, providing an exhilarating riding experience. Additionally, the motorcycle generates a maximum torque of 112.78 Nm (11.5 kgf-m or 83.2 ft-lbs) at 3000 RPM, ensuring optimal performance and acceleration. The Intruder 1400's robust motor, combined with it’s manageable weight of 243.0 kg (535.7 pounds), makes it a formidable choice for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking power, agility, and style.

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