How Many Horsepower Does a Generac 5500 Have?

Generac, a renowned brand in the power generation industry, has established itself as a reliable and robust provider of high-quality generators. One of their popular models, the Generac 5500, is known for it’s exceptional performance and superior power delivery. It combines innovation and efficiency to generate the necessary power required to sustain various appliances and equipment.

How Long Will a Generac GP5500 Run?

One of the remarkable features of the Generac GP5500 is it’s impressive runtime. Despite it’s compact size, this generator is capable of running for up to 10 hours on just half a tank of fuel. This is quite impressive considering it’s starting power of 6.875 watts. The GP5500 is designed to provide a reliable power source for a variety of applications, whether it be for powering essential appliances during a power outage or for use on a job site.

The GP5500 also incorporates features that enhance it’s runtime and overall performance. It comes with a low-oil shutdown feature that automatically shuts off the generator if the oil level drops below a safe operating level. This helps prevent damage to the engine and ensures the longevity of the generator. Additionally, the GP5500 is equipped with a fuel gauge that allows users to easily monitor the remaining fuel level, enabling them to plan accordingly and avoid unexpected interruptions.

Tips for Maximizing Runtime on the Generac GP5500

  • Useful tips for maximizing runtime on the Generac GP5500:
  • Perform regular maintenance on the generator to keep it in optimal condition.
  • Ensure that the oil and fuel levels are always adequate before starting the generator.
  • Keep an eye on the load being placed on the generator and avoid overloading it.
  • Consider using energy-efficient appliances and tools to minimize power consumption.
  • Utilize power management techniques, such as prioritizing essential appliances.
  • Minimize unnecessary usage of power-hungry equipment while the generator is running.
  • Keep the generator in a well-ventilated area to prevent overheating.
  • Consider investing in a fuel stabilizer to extend the shelf life of the fuel.
  • During periods of long runtime, take short breaks to allow the generator to cool down.
  • If possible, avoid running the generator at maximum capacity for prolonged periods of time.

Generac generators are equipped with either the G-FORCE® engine or the OHVI engine, both of which are manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. As a Fortune 1000 American manufacturer, Generac is known for it’s reliable and efficient backup power generation products for various markets.

What Brand of Engine Is on Generac Generators?

Generac generators are equipped with either G-FORCE® or OHVI engines, which are designed and manufactured by Generac Power Systems Inc. The G-FORCE® engine is a high-performance and reliable engine specifically engineered for power generation. It’s known for it’s exceptional power output, durability, and long service life, making it an ideal choice for heavy-duty applications.

On the other hand, the OHVI engine stands for “Overhead Valve Industrial” and is also designed to deliver maximum power and performance. This engine is renowned for it’s robust construction, optimal fuel efficiency, and low emissions. It’s specifically built to withstand extended operation and provide reliable backup power in critical situations.

The company is known for it’s commitment to manufacturing it’s engines and generators in the United States, ensuring the highest standards of production and quality control.

Generac Power Systems Inc. has production facilities located strategically across the United States. These state-of-the-art manufacturing plants are equipped with advanced technology and employ highly skilled technicians and engineers. By maintaining complete control over their manufacturing process, Generac ensures that every engine, including those powering their generators, meets their stringent quality standards.

Both engines are proudly made in the United States, as Generac has a strong commitment to domestic manufacturing.

The Different Models and Sizes of Generac Generators Available.

  • Portable Generac generators:
    • iQ2000
    • GP2200i
    • GP3500iO
    • XC6500E
  • Inverter Generac generators:
    • GP2200i
    • GP3500iO
    • iQ3500
    • iQ2000
  • Home Standby Generac generators:
    • Guardian Series – 9-22 kW
    • Protector Series – 22-60 kW
    • QuietSource Series – 22-48 kW
    • QT Series – 25-125 kW
  • Commercial Generac generators:
    • QT Series – 25-125 kW
    • MG Series – 250-4000 kW
    • MD Series – 600-2000 kW
    • MMG Series – 20-250 kVA

Generac generators come equipped with powerful engines designed to ensure durability and reliability. The 100 kW gaseous generators are fitted with solid 9.0L engines, providing ample protection for your property. For smaller power needs, the 4.5L Generac engines offer reliable performance that can safeguard essential operations. These engines, renowned for their strength, are built with rugged 9.0L industrial-grade engines, delivering 80kWs of quality power.

What Size Engine Does a Generac Have?

Generac generators are known for their durability and reliability, and one key factor in their performance is the size of the engine. The 100 kW gaseous generators, for example, are equipped with solid 9.0L engines. These powerful engines are designed to provide ample power to protect your property and ensure the smooth operation of your essential systems and operations.

Source: Generac Industrial Power – Gaseous Configured Generators


In conclusion, exploring the horsepower of a Generac 5500 generator reveals it’s remarkable ability to deliver reliable power. Regardless of it’s specific horsepower, this generator has proven to be a dependable companion for various applications, whether it be for emergency backup or powering tools on a job site.

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